Our penis enlargement technique can increase your size in length and girth, achieving an increase of up to more than 2 inches. Among the benefits it can provide you are:

  • Improves self-esteem and physical appearance
  • Provides greater security when being naked
  • Causes admiration and greater satisfaction of sexual partners
  • Avoid the risk of undergoing a painful surgery
  • It is a safe investment (no miracle products)

The price depends on the procedure of your choice (longer or thicker) and the amount of filler that the doctor will place. The investment starts at $1,999 dlls.

EGOH SHOT XL is only made in MEXICO. Our service points are located at:

  • Tijuana Baja California
  • MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon

Too easy! You can schedule your appointment by email or call +52 664 175 1763.

You can achieve both. With EGOH SHOT XL you can increase the length of the penis, the thickness or increase both, it all depends on the characteristics.

The increase in proportions depends on the type of enlargement you choose, the amount of padding that is placed and your own anatomy of the penis. Growth is measured in length from the pubic symphysis (the little bone on top of the penis) to the tip of the glans at the base of the penis, and in girth with the circumference of the shaft of the penis. The increase that can be achieved is as follows:


LENGTH: Depends on the elasticity of the penis. It can increase from 85 to 90% of the current elastic capacity.

THICKNESS: From 1 to more than 2 inches.

EGOH SHOT XL uses specialized subdermal fillers based on Hyaluronic Acid. They are resorbable and non-resorbable substances, totally safe for male genitalia. The type of material to be placed depends on the type of enlargement you choose and the desired effect.


REABSORBABLE SUBSTANCE: with temporary or semi-permanent effect.

NON-REABSORBABLE SUBSTANCE: with permanent effect.

The duration of the new size of your penis will depend on the time of enlargement that you have chosen. The effect can have the following duration:

TEMPORARY: 12 months.

SEMI-PERMANENT: Up to four years.

PERMANENT: For life.

Everyone needs it, a bigger size doesn’t hurt anyone. Really, anyone with a concern for a bigger penis needs an EGOH SHOT XL. If you are not satisfied with the current size, this is for you.

You can access all our uncensored material at the following link:


Yes, circumcision is required to undergo the procedure. If you don’t have it, you can have the EGOH CIRCUMCISION with us, it’s with laser, painless and with accelerated recovery.

Of course you can, you will be able to see and feel the increase in size, and you will love it! But don’t worry, the padding that we will place will not be able to be felt by your partner during the sexual act, it will feel like part of the body.

Yes, your partner will definitely thank you. A large penis generally causes greater excitement and satisfaction during sexual intercourse, and achieves greater stimulation of the partner’s genitals, lips and cavities.

It is very simple! The procedure is completely outpatient, you walk in and out. After a local anesthetic is applied, the enlargement gel is placed into the shaft of the penis with a tiny syringe, without opening or cutting the skin. Automatically the result is visible and the process finished.

The entire EGOH SHOT XL process takes about 60 minutes. In less than an hour you get great results.

Nothing of this. EGOH SHOT XL is totally ambulatory, you walk in and out, it does not require you to stay in the clinic to recover. Immediately after the procedure you can continue with your day on a regular basis, driving, working and even playing sports.

In just two weeks you can resume your sexual activity. It will be the best sex of your life!

The nerve endings and pleasure receptors of the penis are not involved in the process of enlarging the body of the penis, so there is no alteration.

The frequency and strength of erections remain exactly the same. You will still be as virile as before!


John M.
John M.Egohshot xl
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It really is incredible the wonders that Dr. Ricardo Madrigal does, he always recommends just what you need and gives you the opportunity to leave yourself as you want, personally his way of paying attention and worrying to achieve the best result, different technique to all the doctors. Super recommended do not think about it and try it.
Rodrigo V.
Rodrigo V.Egohshot xl
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I can't believe this is unbelievable. I never thought this procedure was real. I was lucky enough to attend the clinic and get the EGOH SHOT XL done. At first I was a little afraid and distrustful that the results were true, but Dr. Ricardo explained the procedure to me and when he performed it the results were immediate, I loved the final result.
Will S.
Will S.Egohshot xl
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This is my third time I do the procedure. I considered my penis was on the average but I wanted to gain a little more, it was about 1 inch thick, I was able to gain about 2 and a half inches. Now my penis is larger than average in size.
Mario Z.
Mario Z.Egohshot xl
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My wife recommended me to do this procedure, at first I didn't think it was true and that I could gain more size, but wooow it was the best decision we could make, my wife and I were amazed with the results. Thanks to Dr. Ricardo Madrigal for his attention and all his tips, we will return soon for a new session.
Ruben M.
Ruben M.Egohshot xl
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If you are looking for new experiences and to be able to give the best pleasure to all your couples, this procedure is what you were looking for.

Are you ready?